Wednesday, 31 October 2018


Surfing is fun!

Active life (L5U3)

Do it safe (L5U3)

Jet skiing is a water sport.
He's jet skiing. He's wearing a helmet, goggles and gloves. He's wearing a life-jacket too.

Two snow sports.
He's snowboarding but she isn't. She's skiing. They are wearing helmets, goggles and boots. She's wearing a scarf too.

Snow sport.

They are sledging. They're wearing hats, gloves and boots but they aren't wearing sunglasses or goggles! They should be careful.

Around the world (L5U3)

"Abby Sunderland"

Abigail Jillian "Abby" Sunderland (born October 19, 1993) is an American sailor who, in 2010, attempted to become the youngest person to sail solo around the world, but failed.

In June 2010, 16-year-old Abby Sunderland attempted to break the record for being the youngest person ever to complete a solo sail around the world. But when she found herself stranded at sea after a storm damaged her boat, Abby's life was saved by a NASA-developed Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), which transmitted a distress signal to a Search and Rescue (SARSAT) satellite, 22,500 miles away in space. On October 25, 2010, Abby visited NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center to meet the team that developed this Search and Rescue technology more than 30 years ago.

"Abby Sunderland's route map"
Sunderland was the subject of a documentary film produced and directed by her father titled Wild Eyes: The Abby Sunderland Story. The film was released on September 8, 2011

Sunderland released a book about her ordeal on April 12, 2011. The book is co-written with Lynn Vincent and is titled Unsinkable: A Young Woman's Courageous Battle on the High Seas. She has been going on book-signing tours, where it was revealed that she is taking flying lessons, to be able to fly around the world.