Wednesday, 23 May 2018

The island (L3U8)

There is... (L3U8)

On my island (L3U8)

There is a palm tree 
on my island.

There is a beach on my island. There is a lake on my island. There is a river on my island. There is a forest on my island. There isn't a waterfall on my island. Is there a mountain? Yes, there is. Is there a cave? No, there isn't.

Where? (Preps 2) (L3U8)

Where? (Preps 3) (L3U8)

Where? (Preps) (L3U8)

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Daily life (L3U7)

Simple present (L3U7)

My day (L3U7)

I get up at a quarter past seven.
I have breakfast at half past seven.
I have a shower at a quarter to eight.
I brush my teeth at eight o'clock.
I get dressed at a quarter past eight.
I go to work at half past eight.
I have lunch at a quarter to two.
I go home at a quarter to five.
I go to bed at twelve o'clock.


New Technologies (L4U8)