Friday, 23 June 2017

Happy summer!!!

I wanna get wet, get set, now go
The flow will take me
Make me move on down the groove
Then send me down the bend
Big spray, then the straightaway
I can go eyes wide, eyes shut...either one's cool
As I make my way down to the pool
I'm glad they built these walls so high
I almost feel like I could fly
I love to glide
It's a water slide

Well it's a long way up I these stairs end?
Or do they reach all the way to heaven?
You gotta be 3 foot 7 or better to use this grand contraption
It's a ball, like a long fall
But it won't hurt when you get to the end
It's the ultimate way to spend some time
Grab a suit, come along with me
I love to glide
It's a water slide

Well, it winds like a giant snake through the middle of the air
But you don't have to be scared
This wild monstrosity brings lots of joy
It's better than the best toy
Can't you hear the giggles and squeals?